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Utah Web Design for Utah local business marketing. Utah Mobile Website Design. – It’s true, a website is not enough when it comes to Utah local business marketing. Your local business needs a mobile website too.

That means a mobile site optimize for what mobile users are looking for. Not your website shrunk down to fit a mobile phone.

50% of all mobile devices are smart phones and that is rising FAST.
700,000 Android devices are activated daily.
402,000 iPhone devices are activated daily.

81% of all smart phone use is to access the internet
77% of that use went to access a search engine
63% went to social media, like Twitter or Facebook
64% watched a video
79% used their smart phones to make purchasing decisions
74% of shoppers made a purchase as a direct result of the info they got from their smart phone
76% made in store purchases
59% purchased online
35% purchased directly from their smart phone
88% took action the same day as their search

95% of all search is for local business, yes 95%!

What does it take to make your local business mobile?

Viewer Friendly — Make your mobile website viewer friendly.

Best Utah Web Design for the best Utah Local Business Marketing with the best Utah Mobile Website Design

All that is needed is a simple mobile website that fits the screen and gives just enough data to draw the click.

Take Action — Make it easy for the viewer to take the desire action. Smart Phone users do not want to read your entire website.

They want information they can act on right then and there. It could be as simple as giving your location, making it easy to click to call you or offering a coupon they can bring in and use.

With this plan tablet users have the opportunity to access you full site on a responsive theme.

Check Out Our Mobile Phone Themes — We will have your Mobile phone site up in running in no time at all. Just choose your theme and let’s get started.

As a Utah Web Design company we help Utah businesses with their local mobile marketing. We believe that every business can be successful in local business marketing online.

A Mobile website is no longer the exception… it is the rule. Especially when it comes to Utah local business marketing.

Are you ready?

WebPress Utah – Utah Web Design
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Orem, Utah 84097

Utah Web Design – Utah Local Business Marketing – Utah Mobile Website Design

How to sell digital marketing services to local businesses

Digital marketing is a $200 BILLION dollar yearly industry in the USA alone and it’s only predicted to grow.

Businesses need digital marketing services such as SEO (ranking higher in search engines), paid traffic management (Bing, Adwords, Facebook etc.) and social media management.

Businesses will often pay thousands of dollars monthly for these services because the potential return they can get with it justifies the expense.

You can sell these services to business without performing them yourself, or knowing how to perform them. This is because you outsource the task to a competent agency or team, and then you profit the difference between what you charge the client and what you spend on the outsourcer.


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Online marketing for small, local businesses is affordable and easy with List your business on our high-traffic online directory.

This small business marketing system is powerful because so many people go online looking for coupons for local restaurants, retailers and service businesses.

There’s so much competition to make your business or your website visible online, you need to think out-of-the-box. When your business has an affordable full-page ad (just $39/month) on, you’re business will become visible to hundreds or even thousands of local consumers who may have not otherwise found out about you.

Millions of people today go online looking for where they can get an online coupon before they make their buying decisions. This is how to make your business visible online to those people.

Online coupon users tend to be better customers. You may think their cheap but actually, they’re usually the wealthier among us? “How do you think they got so rich?”

Online coupon users are statistically are higher-educated and higher income people. If you want to market your business to smart people who have money to spend, (of course you do), you want to be marketing in the online coupon space.

You get a search engine optimized web page to showcase your business and describe it in unlimited detail. You get to show pictures, embed a video, and a link back to your main website (if you have one). You can post as many coupons as you want. And all your coupons capture the name and email address of the person who chose it for your own email marketing campaigns.

Social media tool is built right in. This is a powerful, done-for-you online marketing product specifically created to be affordable for small, independently-owned local businesses like yours.

Oro Valley Lead Generation – NW Tucson Marketing – Small Business Leads Oro Valley


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To say that marketing your company has changed from even ten years ago feels a bit like a clich√©. We all know that the marketing landscape has changed – I prefer to look at it as “enhanced” because many traditional marketing channels remain powerful (word of mouth for example). The enhancement comes from the introduction of digital marketing channels (Social Media, or your website), with the added complexity of greater competition. Those who sell physical products compete against Amazon and their comprehensive distribution channels.

Many of our clients are service-based, and since many of these services can be delivered online/virtually – the pool of competition is global. Your clients are shopping online for everything (products and services alike), and making their buying decisions based on what they read.

How can you make your online presence more powerful?

First and foremost, you need a comprehensive Social Media strategy across as many channels as appropriate. Creating content and delivering it in a prompt manner that is predictable (in that it’s regular) and spontaneous (responding to others) is essential. Not all of your clients will find you on your website.

But ultimately, you want to direct your prospects to your website, because that’s where they can sign up for your newsletter list, buy products or services, and overall learn more about you. For this reason, your digital marketing copy needs to be effective and concise.

Here are two tips:

Understand your prospect – know who they are, what they’re experiencing right now which is causing them to search for you, and what their life will be like after working with you – but also what it will be like if they don’t seek change now. This is huge – if you know what they’re looking for and how they’re feeling, right now, you’ll know how to write directly to them.
Focus on the benefits, not features, of your products/services.

What does this mean?

“Features” are facts, where “benefits” begin to focus on the emotional need that this feature addresses. How do you get to the heart of benefits? Back in high school English class, we learned the “so what” test. For every point we raised, we asked ourselves “so what” – this can make your writing more concise, if the sentence you’re writing doesn’t directly relate to the point you’re trying to write (“so what”), then it can be deleted.

For online copy, we use this same technique to talk about the meaning of a feature – here’s an example using a tooth whitening kit:

Feature – Whitens teeth in 7 days with regular use

Benefit – Have a more dazzling smile before date night this weekend! Or Look younger, in just a week, with a whiter smile.

We all want to look younger, and dazzle! Sounds a lot more persuasive than “regular use.”

How do you make your benefits relevant to your prospect? By understanding them. Using our tooth whitening kit as an example, if you know that your prospect is self-conscious about their smile, and doesn’t feel as young and attractive as they used to, perhaps they’ve just re-entered the dating scene and have insecurities around that. Understanding this helps you speak directly to their needs.

Need help understanding your clients? We have a worksheet for that! You can download it here!


You can see the Bakery Hank spoke of on his site at – It’s in the lower left there, just click the full screen icon and see what a Google Certified Photographer can do for your business. is my view of how this technology will be used on wearable devices in the next decade of computing.

business marketing – small business marketing ideas.
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Channel trailer for The Counsel. It is a channel for marketing for dental practices and other small practices as well as small business. Also for innovation and invetions not forgetting online marketing, digital marketing and content marketing. I am also into strategy and dentistry. Any entrepreneur interested into marketing and SEO should watch.

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