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local business marketing strategies – local business marketing strategies to dominate small businesses in your city. Here is a list of 101 small business marketing ideas to get you started
this video goes in-depth into 4 small business marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business. Local business marketing course: marketing with search, social media & more to get new customers starting today
2012 – Seriously though – unless you have a much older demographic and deep pockets, you can get several times the result for a fraction of the investment by using the local business marketing online strategies outlined here 14 marketing strategies for small business 2016.
Below is a video tutorial with a number of strategies for how to promote a local service business
2015 – In this article, I want to show you how to promote a local business using Meetup

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How to get 10X more leads for your local business with 3 simple steps. This local business marketing tips will help your business get local leads if done correctly.

We are a professional Internet marketing and web design company that helps local business get more local leads through website conversion optimization, Search engine optimization, internet marketing, and social media advertising.

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Dave Striegel was speaking to the Business Expert Forum at Harvard again in 2017 about how local businesses can improve their website rankings in search by using Facebook links.

Here’s an excerpt from the speech:
So how do you cut that new trail that will get Google excited about visiting your website?
One way I’ve found lately is using high authority social media like Facebook
If you just got that glazed over look when I said Facebook, I know what you’re thinking, I did too
For a long time, I thought Facebook was useless for a local shop owner like me
for years they’ve been telling you to get on Facebook, right?
But why?
What could an ordinary shop owner like me possibly be posting that would be interesting enough to attract new customers?
Here was my social media plan, see if this sounds familiar
I was out to Ignore any new social media platform
And hope they fail before I have to do anything about it, right?
Well, that didn’t work so good
But then I started thinking about using social media like I use video
I’m not trying to get my video to go viral
My video or Facebook post doesn’t need to be seen by millions across the country
It wouldn’t do me any good, my customers only come from local search
I only need my Facebook posts to catch the attention of one – and that’s Google
Here’s the key: Your business Facebook posts need to be more than just social. I know that goes against what they’ve been telling us but it’s true
Likes are nice, shares are great But that’s only half of it
See google doesn’t care about likes and shares so much, unless…
That post takes them somewhere away from Facebook like to a website, now that gets Google excited
Your post needs to have a clear call to action
That means providing a link, or path directly to a page on your web site
Google will pick this up and follow that link and check out your stuff
If they like what they see there
your site will show up in future searches
It’s all about getting found on Google, THAT is what makes us money
Your website is the most important piece of real estate online
And it’s your job as the business owner to get as many links back to your website as possible
Using social media to get those links back to your site is really smart
It’s not that hard, just takes a little rethinking of this whole social media thing
Google and Facebook love small business like ours
And they give us all these free tools to use
It’s been working great for my shop
So, I know where your struggles are
Look, I’m just a mechanic from Pittsburgh guys
If I can do it, you can do it!


Do you know the value ladder of your business? Sit down and draw out on a sheet paper this graph. List all the services you offer and arrange them from low to the highest value. Come up with a low-barrier of entry offer to attract customers into your business and have the ability to earn their business.

If you need help or would like to work together in running ads for your local business feel free to book a free strategy call below. We will go over what you are currently doing to bring in new customers and I’ll provide feedback on what you could be doing instead to improve your marketing efforts…


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SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is essential to the security of your website, as it allows a secure connection between your server and a browser. This connection permits the secure transmission of information, between your website and your client as an example. Google is now flagging all website, not just e-commerce sites, that don’t have SSL certificates in place.

If you haven’t paid much attention to your website’s security, you’re not alone. Many do not think about it until their website is hacked.

Here are our top 5 reasons why an SSL Certificate is important for your business:

1. Google will flag your site as “Not Secure” which may prompt some to leave your site. People trust Google, and if Google is warning them, they’re going to leave your site and go to a competitor.

2. A sense of security – we’ve already seen security breaches this year, where sensitive information has been compromised. SSL encrypts information making the information you collect useless for anyone who doesn’t have the encryption key. When your prospects see your site is secure, it builds trust in your brand.

3. Permits online payments – whether you’re planning on accepting payments online now, or sometime in the future, an SSL certificate is essential.

4. If you collect any information from website visitors (search bars, contact forms), then you are a target for cyber-criminals. Be proactive and protect visitors to your site.

5. Although it’s unconfirmed, there is a suggestion that Google will penalize non-secure sites regarding their SEO ranking. Whether or not this is built into Google’s algorithms, a visitor to a non-secure site may spend less time there, decreasing search rankings. Either way, it’s important.

Not sure where to start?

1. Check with your website hosting company. There is an annual fee, but some companies may provide an SSL Certificate complimentary as a part of their hosting package.

2. Google does not sell SSL certificates. Any third-party provider that claims this is not reputable.

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Want to increase your leads and sales in your business? Learn more:

1:02- What is a landing page?
3:18- What landing page software to use?
5:10- What ESP should you choose?
7:20- How to create landing page using Instapage
17:38- How to publish landing page to your WordPress site

If you want to run your own marketing or advertising campaigns, you’re more likely than not going to drive traffic to a landing page where visitors can learn more information (and so you can generate leads for your sales reps).

In this video, I cover the basics on landing pages:
– What is a landing page…
– Landing page software tools to use…
– What ESP you should use…
– How to create your own landing page…
– How to publish it on your WordPress site…

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How to create landing page for your local business

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Get more customers using Video for your local business .. check out my latest video about CyberFix Online and how I help small business get more customers. Check us out at One of the most reliable ways to get new customers and make more money is to get your site ranked on the first page of SERP’s. (Search Engine Results Page). This is commonly called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In this video I share with you how I took a small business and skyrocketed its sales in less than 1 year from loosing $98,000 to over $400,000 dollars in sales.
Search Engine Optimization

Here’s how we helped a local restaurant from going out of business to thriving with customers –

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Earl Netwal is a Minneapolis based internet marketing consultant who works with locally based businesses, wherever they are located.

Internet marketing is no longer something just for large and medium sized businesses. Local businesses not only can, but must set themselves up to effectively market themselves to their local communities, even if they are only serving the immediate area within a 5 to 10 minute drive from their location.

Today internet marketing means much more than having a website. You need to consider adwords, pay per click advertising, You must have a Google Plus local business page, you should be considering using video and setting up a mobile website and much more.

Earl can help you take stock of your current situation, and take a look see at your competitors. He can then advise you a a prioritized set of steps you can take to not only succeed in your marketplace but to dominate it.

If you want to grow you business to the top of your market place, contact Earl at 612-408-9924 or email him at enetwal [at}

The critical need that every business faces is the need to continuously attract new customers. Old one will die. move or defect for any number of reasons. Marketing is about constantly attracting new customers and getting them to keep coming back.

Proper use of internet marketing tactics can give you a distinct advantage, as the reality is that most small businesses and especially locally based businesses are not doing an effective job of marketing themselves online.

What that means to you, is that if you take a few minutes to learn what is possible, and then take steps to implement the simple strategies involved, is that you can get more than your share of new customers at the expense of your competitor who is sleeping at the switch. Or is it you that is sleeping at the switch and allowing your competitor snare customers that could be yours.

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