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Bob Coleman and Chris Hurn, the nations top two small business loan experts, discussed how marketing for small business lenders has changed dramatically in the past five years. The days of advertising in the local business journal have been eclipsed by google search. Listen to Coleman and Hurn discuss how they became the top Google Search and Google News Search for small business loan experts.

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How to make $1500 a moth fast without any investment.

In this video I share with you a method how you can make decent money fast and you don’t need investment for it. In the core of this method – you sell your online marketing services to local businesses.

That’s right – to local businesses. Not online, not virtually. You will actually have to go out there and meet people and sell them what you have to offer.

What kind of online marketing services you can sell to small local businesses?

There are 2 types of services that are in real demand right now – Social Media Marketing/Management and Lead Generation.

Social Media Marketing or Management (sometimes it is also called Community Management) it’s when you manage social network accounts of your client. In some cases, your client will provide you with all the content and you only have to schedule the publishing along with tags and descriptions. And also reply to the comments of their audience, engage with them.

In most cases, though you will have to prepare the content for your client yourself. It takes a bit more effort and works, but in this case, you can charge more money for this type of job. And also you bring more value to your client and they become more dependant on you.

How much can you charge for social media marketing services for local businesses? A friend of mine who does exactly this the lowest rate that he charges is $500/month a client for managing only Instagram account and facebook page. However, I know people who charge more, and I know people who charge less. It’s not the average. It all depends on your experience and results that you can deliver.

So let’s say you will be charging $500 per client. You will need only 3 (three!) clients to be making $1500 a month. And it doesn’t take too much time to do this type of job. Once everything is setup, you can pre-upload all the content one day and then just keep an eye on things!

And the 2nd type of services that you can provide is called Lead Generation for local businesses.

This type of services is my personal favorite because when you are generating leads for your client, you basically generate money for them. There is no doubt if it’s profitable for them to pay you money for your services or not. As long as you deliver results and they get leads on regular basis everybody is happy.

For lead generation services you can charge way more money than for social media marketing. It demands a bit more skills, experience, and work. Yet it delivers also more value for your client. For this reason you can count on $1500/month per client for this type of job.

How do you generate leads for local businesses? The are two ways you can do it. First, using facebook ads. Second, google adwords. My personal favourite is facebook ads. I just get this platform and when everything done right it’s easy-peasy and everybody’s happy.

If you don’t have any idea how to run facebook ads, how to setup a landing page and the whole process, my friend Alex created a course where he shares his personal experience running lead generation business for car dealerships. He shows every single detail that you need to know – from how to prospect your clients, meet them, close the deals, to how to create facebook ads that convert, how to setup landing pages, etc. step-by-step. You can check it here –

He also kindly provided me with 70% OFF for my channel, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Disclaimers: all opinions are my own. Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost. I can’t guarantee that you will be making any particular amount of money with this method because it all depends on your work ethics, previous experience, skills and other factors.


For local businesses like restaurants, beauty salons, plumbers, and retail stores, getting discovered online is essential today. This video explains a simple and effective system we’ve developed. Put one foot in front of the competition and get started now! – local business marketing strategies for local small business. Learn how to use internet marketing to grow your local small business

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Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing talks about his Local Business Money Machine program to teach entrepreneurs how to do Local Marketing for businesses in their area. You can find out more about his program at Patrick Dougher is the host of Learning from Leaders.

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Owning a brick and mortar store can be incredible tough to manage as is! Let alone learn digital marketing tactics that will allow you to succeed and grow!

Facebook ads can be a very valuable asset for you! It sure is with my clients as we continually grow them 10X or more!

Direct mail and postage ads can only go so far. You need to get with the times and realize that the times are changing! People order their groceries online… YOU NEED TO ADAPT!

This video will show you an example of what digital marketing can do for your business and how you can start to achieve some success online.

These are just some of the things I focus on with my clients. SEO, digital optimization, email marketing, and much more is also covered when I teach my clients how to grow their online presence.

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