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Big idea number one is that selecting a niche is not about you and your satisfaction. Picking a niche is actually about the client’s ability to resonate with your services. What I’m going to recommend is that you focus on local. Make a focus on local. Let me build that case.

First reason is that this niche selection process that you’re about to go through here is not going to be your last choice. It’s really going to be your first choice. What I mean is right now you’re selecting a niche so you can move forward and begin to get that next level of momentum, but it’s not the last choice you’re going to make. You’ll make some other choices.

You could work another niche, you can go with another specialty down the line, but if you don’t want decision number one, then you can’t make decision number two. Right now, we’re focusing on making decision number one, which is picking that niche.

Thing number two is that you’ll find that local is easier, and this is what I mean. Local businesses know that they need to be doing digital marketing in some way, but there’s nobody in the business with that level of expertise. They may have a guy that did their website six months ago, nine months ago, two years ago. They may have the lady who answers the phone also double as their social media person, but those people aren’t specialized like you’re specialized with your expertise. They don’t have anybody who can actually make sense of their digital marketing efforts, so they know they need someone. That’s already present.

Second here is that smaller businesses make decisions more quickly. Sure, you can sell to $10 million businesses or $20 million dollar businesses, but you also know that those size businesses have bureaucracy. They have levels of decisions, layers of decisions. They make decisions via community and it can take forever, way too long, to get a yes, but you can talk to a one million, two million, five million dollar business, talk the the business owner, and actually get a decision made. As I’m saying that, when I talk about local, I don’t necessarily mean some small mom and pop that only makes 50 grand a year.

Let’s continue. Focus on local is actually easier to scale. If you can serve four or five clients in a given niche in your city, then you can just serve those same four or five clients in the next city, and the next city, and the next city. If you choose to scale, you just scale city by city.

Thing number three is that if you develop a personal connection, you’ll find decisions happen faster and communication happens faster.

What do I mean by personal connection? You’re buying services from local businesses already, businesses that you can drive to, businesses that serve their local area. If you just look at your own bank account, your own bank statement, and you look at where you buy services from, most of those folks need some digital marketing help.

If you make a personal connection, you can simply say, “Listen, I’m a customer of yours and I love what you guys do, but every time I go to your website, I have X issue. Who does your website work?” or, “Listen, I’d love to be able to find you guys on Facebook or share your content on Facebook, but y’all don’t have a presence on Facebook. Who does your Facebook stuff?”

You’re a customer of theirs, you want to buy more of their stuff, you want to help other people buy more of their stuff, but they got to do better in the digital space to do that, and you’re the person to help. That’s an easy conversation to have.

Next level is, even if you don’t buy anything from them per say, then the business may be in the family. What I mean is think about the first job you had coming out of college, or the second, or third, or fifth job you had coming out of college. Was that a local business?

Think about the work that your father used to do, or your mother used to do, or your grandfather, your grandmother, your aunt, or your uncle. You saw how hard they worked during their careers. Did any of them work in a local business? If so, then that becomes the talk track you use. You say, “Listen, my mother used to be an educator. My father used to work in a carpentry shop. I know how hard you guys work, and really, you should be better leveraging your digital marketing assets so that you can get more clients in the door.”

It’s easier to facilitate those conversations when you’ve made some kind of personal connection.

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