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local search – local business marketing strategies for local small business. Learn how to use internet marketing to grow your local small business

Local Internet Marketing for Small Business. Internet Marketing for Small Business – Local Internet Marketing for Retail and Service Businesses.

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Local Business Marketing Services through Local Internet Marketing

Local Business Marketing Services through local Internet marketing for local businesses. Let local customers find you with local business listings.

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You can use directory sites like Yelp, Yellowpage, Google Local, Bing Local, Yahoo Local and more to grow your business online. But, the coolest thing is that you push your competition right off the first page. When you do this you need to be careful and it is always recommend to allow enough time to naturally rank your directory profiles. When you do this you are greatly increasing your local marketing campaign and building up your small or local business through local search.

When you are beginning your directory marketing campaign it is best to use your keywords, fill out your profiles 100% complete and get a lot of reviews and a lot of good reviews. You also need to allow enough time to let all of this process and allow it to rank. If you can naturally rank your profile you will ensure a safe and long lasting local search campaign.

At this point in time you can decide whether or not you need to being getting backlinks to your directory profiles. If you do, you need to do it carefully to ensure your profile ranks and doesn’t drop back. In order to do this you need to make sure you use a wide range of anchor text, only use your keyword about 30% of the time in your anchor text, use common keywords, use long tail keywords and build around 10-20 backlinks a day.

One tool we use that really helps use rank directory profiles and increase our local marketing efforts is unique article wizard. You can get it here: and it allows us to get backlinks to our directory profiles and rank them within Google. Just be sure you follow the rules we list in the video.

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