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lead generation for local business

Have you tried a hundred and one digital marketing services for your local business and seen little if any return on investment?

Yes? It’s a common story, you get a cold call or email about how your website could be better, rank higher or your social media could get more “likes”. So you give these guys a shot and they charge you a monthly retainer and when you ask them where your leads and sales are they try to wow you with vanity metrics like traffic numbers and engagement of social media or Google rankings.

What these service providers don’t seem to understand is, as a small business owner you can’t throw away millions on advertising! No, you need to see a verifiable return on investment for every single dollar spent!

Not to worry because in this video I will show you how I’ve been creating steady streams of measurable leads and sales through social media advertising for the past 7 years and how you can copy and paste my method for your local business.

First what not to do.

Please do not pay anyone to “manage your social media. And please do not pay thousands for a new website unless the designer can prove it will create steady streams of new leads.

What I will teach you in this article is how to invest in paid advertising and see an almost immediate and verifiable return on investment.