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My alarm was set to go off at 4am this morning, yet I it was 3:08 am and I was wide awake.


My dog kept getting up, running to the living room and barking at the top of his canine lungs.


Literally, every 20 minutes, my adorable (and frustrating) rottweiler would do this. After the third time of him waking me up, I decided to walk to the living room with him and check out what was going on.

Guess what?

Nada! Not even a windy branch hitting the window. And I stayed there and stared out the window for a long while. Didn’t see anything.

Kai (the dog) probably did this about 5-6 times throughout the night. I’ve seen people get pranked on YouTube with 5-6 alarms clocks, all set to go off at different times.

But this was my dog and he wasn’t even pranking me! Or maybe he was…

Anyway, the reason for this story is that during this whole event last night, listening to Kai get up and bark for a few minutes and then go back to my door and lay down reminded me of something in business.

Some customers will come to your site and hang around for a bit but leave without making a purchase.

Or maybe you have subscribers on your email list who have been subscribed for a while and have yet to become a paying customer.

What gives?

It’s frustrating ain’t it?

You want them to buy because you want the sale but also, you know that your product or service can benefit their life.

Otherwise, why would they be on your site or email list? The only reason is because they are your target customer.

So why aren’t they buying? Could be a million different reasons.

Might be they were on lunch at work and got caught with something else and the forgot to buy.

Or they simply don’t have the money yet and are waiting for that paycheck to come in.

Or they don’t believe you… yet. This is a good thing. That means they want it but they have to schmoozed a little more first.

I forgot where I heard this from but it said that, the average person takes 5-12 follow ups before they become a customer.

That means that you can’t just give up the sale after one or two tries. You have to be persistent and keep going. Keep trying.

“But Albert, isn’t that going to annoy the customer. I don’t want to pressure anybody.”

Then get out the game baby! This ain’t for you.

If you’re reading this, you’re a business, man. Not a businessman. A business, man.

You’re number one job is to sell. And sell good.

Besides, pressure is awesome, it makes diamonds. And the best way, imo, to follow up is through email.


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