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Derek Halpern interview where he explains online marketing, small business tactics, career advice, and more!
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In this episode, you’ll learn:

2:37 What sparked Derek’s interest in entrepreneurship
9:35 How Derek got promoted only four months into his job
16:52 What to do when things aren’t gelling
20:26 How to build something great in today’s market

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I started these quick funny and motivational videos on Facebook on a whim in 2015, to discuss what I was learning as I built The Pursuit, and now they are my most popular content of all, with over half a million views and thousands of shares!
I interview celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors and more on my fun and inspiring in person talk show, The Pursuit with Kelsey Humphreys, which exploded from zero to Tony Robbins in 18 months and has received over 1 million views!
If I want to have musical guests on my talk show, I have to prove that I can hang! Plus, they’re relatively easy for me to make and really really fun. Don’t forget to have FUN on the way to your goals guys.
A motivational entertainer, speaker and author here to get you laughing, keep you moving and make sure that you DO NOT GIVE UP on your dreams and goals. I’m also a wife and mom in Suburbia, USA, just out here killin it in between loads of laundry. Get my encouraging emails and get inside my brain each week:


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This video shows you how to claim your own business venue on Foursquare, a location based social network.

If you are not the business owner, you can add venues to Foursquare using the method described in the video at

It’s worth noting that Pinterest Map Boards are powered by Foursquare. Don’t miss out on people pinning YOUR business on Pinterest Map Boards, claim your local business listing!

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If you’re not being found on the first page of Google, you may be missing this one simple trick that will make the difference. Hint – it has to do with Geo-Targeting.

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We help local small business owners create traffic of hungry customers eager to buy everything you’ve got!

Small Business Marketing
How to Advertise your Local Business
Small Business Advertising
How to advertise your business
Local Business Marketing
Local Business Advertising
How to advertise my business online

Just one of the many videos available to use with your business. Do you own an event planning service? Weddings, parties, birthdays.
How about sending the bride and groom to Mexico for free?
Announce to your past customers that when they refer someone to you, they get a free vacation. Offer a free vacation to anyone that makes a purchase or gets a free estimate. Use our videos like this to make your business a huge success.

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Here is a 90% OFF discount to my offline marketing course which elaborates on the offline marketing strategies talked about in this tutorial:

And here is a link to my event management and marketing course, which is one of the top offline marketing tips mentioned in this video:

In this video I give you 10 offline marketing ideas that you can use starting today to help grow your business, make a stronger community around your business, generate revenue, get clients, and begin business relationships that may last for many years to come.

The main offline marketing strategies I talk about in this video are promoting your business with events, getting referrals (professional and customer referrals), business card marketing, promoting with flyers, doing business networking, and a few other techniques like getting yourself appearances on the radio. My offline marketing course has a few more offline marketing strategies, and my full marketing course has over 13 hours of tutorials on how you can promote your business using offline marketing, social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), and many various additional techniques on things like how to promote local businesses and position yourself and your business as an expert in your niche (which event marketing and getting yourself on the radio already start to do for you).

The difficulty with offline marketing is that it doesn’t scale well. That means that many of these offline promotion tips won’t get you the fast growth that social media or many online strategies would potentially give you. But that is ok. You don’t need to hit a home run with every promotional strategy that you try out. With offline marketing, you have a chance to meet people face to face, and forge real connections. This gives you a chance to make better clients who are more loyal, and who might engage with your business more than people who might find your website or social media account online. People online never truly get to know you, and their commitment to your business is much weaker. So if you do your offline marketing right, you can create much better and more loyal customers with it.

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Digital Marketing 101 – How to begin promoting your business with digital marketing and social media.

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Zoom H1 Recorder (Microphone used for videos)

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About this Video:
In this video, Jeff Thelen, Co-Founder of TheFigCo, explains the basics of digital marketing and social media. It’s important as a small business owner to know where to focus your efforts online. Jeff goes through where to start and what areas to focus on depending on your business. The 6 areas he discusses are: 1) Buyer Personas 2) Having a great website 3) Google Analytics 4) Choose 1-2 social networks to focus on 5) How to be found online / SEO 6) Paid Ads including search, display advertising / remarketing, social media, review sites such as Yelp and YouTube video advertising 7) Landing pages, the importance of using landing pages for paid ads to increase conversions 8) Email marketing, reach people for free with drip campaigns and newsletter type emails.

How to Market a Small Business With A Limited Budget – Small Business Marketing 101

Here are some of the best tips and strategies to market your small business on just $1 per day on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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