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Digital Marketing For startups and Digital Marketing in small business is pretty tough as the budget in small business is pretty low.
In this Video, I’ll talk about the Digital Marketing Tips for small business.
The video will help small business to execute low-cost business ideas.

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13 small business website marketing tips for beginners 2017. Go to for video notes, related content, and helpful resources mentioned.

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In this video, I’ll show you 13 small business marketing tips to use on any website. Your website is one of the most valuable assets you can have when it comes to your business. The problem is, it can be tough to get it off the ground and start seeing some traffic. One of the best ways to get that traffic so you can start earning some online sales is to create content consistently through blogging. I’m going to show you an example of a website that gets hundreds of thousands, if not millions of visitors per year just by using simple marketing tricks combined with blogging. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Hey Team! The response for this webinar LIVE was amazing and I hope you enjoy it just as much here. After the live training I do a walkthrough of Tai Lopez’s Social Media Agency course and have got you 30% Off (more actually) at and follow the prompts. Everyone who gets this in the next 48 hours I will buy them their own domain + host their agency site for them for a year (yes i will cover all expenses).

IF you want to go direct to the checkout you can go here – there is also a 120 day refund guarantee which is unheard of, it’s a risk for you not to try 🙂

Now to the topics of this webinar 🙂

This weeks webinar is going to be with just be and we are going to dive into round TWO of our Local Marketing series, going to jump into Tai Lopez (who was just named social entrepreneur of the year) ‘Social Media Agency’ program & even get him on a value webinar if you guys like + Also go over INSTAFAMOUS that i am giving you all for free before it’s launched to the world 😀

Now in usual fashion this is what I will be covering:

1- What do you need to start a social marketing agency.
2- How to actually pitch to them & talk about pricing of the client.
3- Results first money second strategy (this locks them in quick)
4- Creating an agency site with ZERO experience.
5- 5 step process to signing a local client to a done 4 you instagram service (I’m giving you the packages & show you how to automate this).
6- How to find customers for these clients in their local markets.
7- you will get my free failproof screening sheet so you can start sending it to local clients & start signing them up right away.
8- I have recently connected with Tai Lopez’s team – for those who don’t know him he is the ‘here in my garage guy’ on youtube that has just been named social entrepreneur of the year, seen in forbes,, top 10 ted X talk of all time and much more. I wanted to walk through his social agency course and pull some golden nuggets for you guys 🙂
9- INSTAFAMOUS is almost finished & those attending this webinar will see this in action before i give it to everyone for FREE (even if you can’t make it live i will ensure you get access).

This will give you a very realistic method to start your own local agency even if you are a complete beginner as i’ll show you how to let tools do the hard work for you.

See you LIVE!

Luke Maguire How To Get More Customers – Local Business Marketing

1. Focus on the right customers. Just because you might have a small business don’t just think you can only sell to other small businesses.

2. Stay connected with your customers. Engage with them. Build a solid relationship with them. The internet and social media marketing makes this extremely easy to do.

3. Offer extra value. Always try to over-deliver so your customers will stay loyal to you and keep coming back for more.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and testimonials.

5. Understand and address your customer’s key frustrations.

6. Keep communicating with your customers. Don’t let them forget about you. You can do this via online newsletters, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook etc. Provide offers and information which may be of value to them.

7. Make it your aim to get to know your customers. Find out as much as you can about them. Get to know their interests, their partner’s names, how many children they have, what pets they have, what car they drive etc.

8. Improve your customer service skills. This includes how you communicate with them, how you answer the phone to them and how you present yourself and your business. Whatever contact your customers have with you, it should always be a positive experience.

9. Ask customers how you can do things better. No company is perfect but if you allow your customers to give you feedback you will keep them on side and loyal to your business.

10. Create forums or Facebook groups where customers can share information and ideas. Create a community for them to be a part of. It all helps with the engagement and keeping them loyal to you.

We have many more marketing ideas that will help to take your business to another level.

To find out more about how we can help your company and give you a solid online marketing strategy. Contact Us Today.

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We use the templates below as the starting point for all of our ClickFunnels local business marketing funnel campaigns.

The share links for our local funnels can be found at the following link, along with details of how to use and customize the templates for your business –

You can also find more videos linked on that page – videos that walkthrough each specific funnel and the strategy behind using them.

Gym funnel –

Yoga funnel –

Chiropractor funnel –

This collection of funnels can be used to promote ANY local business that wants to generate new leads, customers, clients or patients to a physical location. A few of the examples we’ve covered here include gyms, CrossFit, Yoga Studios and Chiropractors. However, these are only examples and the funnels can be changed and customized for any business you like.

Just make sure you keep the same strategies and tactics we’re using in the funnels. That means creating a compelling new customer offer to generate leads, then taking people to confirmation page and asking them to take a next step and contact the business. Follow up then happens for every lead, so the maximum number of sales can be converted from the leads generated.

We see the best results in terms of sales and new customer acquisition with these funnels when they are promoted with highly targeted Facebook and Instagram ads. That is our speciality as a digital marketing and funnel agency.

All of our local business share funnel links are here –

For more details on ClickFunnels, read our review of the platform here –

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In the webinar you’ll learn how to set up an automated sales funnel for your business, and get access to some top performing ClickFunnels templates too.

Learn- Digital Marketing / Online Marketing in Hindi

This video is for Student who wants to make career in digital marketing, small business owners and medium business owners to understand what Digital Marketing is, or you can Say Internet marketing, Online Marketing Web Marketing these are same thing. And they can use it to get more ROI return on investment (sales) for their business. Here I have tried explaining a little about Digital marketing…

Components of digital marketing:-

1. SEO-Search Engine Optimization
2. SMM- Social Media Marketing
3. SEM or SMO Social Media optimization – Search engine Marketing
4. PPC- pay per Click-Google Adwords
5. Email Marketing – Mail chimp, Aweber..
6. Display Marketing through PPC
7. Online reputation Marketing
8. Affiliate marketing and many more components depends on the company services what thay promote.

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In our last video we continued our series on online marketing, with a look at how to rank your small business website in Google’s local search results. In today’s video we are going to continue that series, with a look at how to advertise your business in Google search.

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Google Adwords:


Guide on how to do keyword research:

Geat article and infographic from Chris Soames:

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How to write effective ad copy:

Tips from Saad Kamal over at search engine journal:

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