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Local Business Marketing Bristol

All businesses can benefit from local business marketing online. Local business marketing is concentrated on the location of your business, for example “Bristol” and is a great way of promoting your business to local prospects.

local business marketing uses similar techniques to regular internet marketing, the only difference being that it includes a geographical modifier in its marketing strategies. This means you will have more highly targeted visitors to your website from the locality in which you run your business.

Optimising your website for keywords that have “geographical modifiers” is the key to attracting your perfect prospects to your website. As a result, you are able to focus more on your specific target market and business prospects.

I’ll now go over the best current techniques for promoting your business locally:

BUSINESS WEBSITE. Do you know that your website is one of your greatest sales assets? Don’t forget that your website can be generating leads for you 24/7, even when you are closed!

Your marketing efforts are greatly boosted by having a good website. Therefore, your business needs a tailor made website which ranks well in the search engines. Remember that you want to grab the attention of your customers and prospects through your website.

GOOGLE MAPS (AKA “PLACES”): Using this can bring very fast results to your business. The best part about Google Places is that it is easy and free to use. It is possibly the best single method of attracting local customers right now. Using Google Places can in some cases instantly put you onto page 1 of Google and ahead of your competition.

OTHER BUSINESS DIRECTORIES. Your marketing mix should also include getting onto other business directories. Many other directories are available with a free listing option. They are often sorted geographically to help people find the right business in the right location. Using the business directory listing is a good way to obtain links from local sites. Both your website and Google places rankings may be enhanced by having numerous business directory listings.

BACKLINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE: Backlinks boost your rankings and if you have none or only a few, you will find it difficult to compete online. Although backlinking does produce better rankings, it is often too time consuming for business owners to put into practice. But as the rewards are high, it needs to be done, therefore it should be either delegated or outsourced. Be wary of who you outsource to though as inexperienced backlinkers can actually damage your rankings.

Backlinks can boost your position and bring excellent results. Some consider it the most effective way to guarantee top rankings to get the lions share of the traffic , who are essentially potential customers of your business. There are lots of tips are to be found online if you wish to do this yourself. Heed the advice given as there are guidelines to be followed for the best results. Not only that, there are ways in which backlinks can damage your rankings, so you do need to know what you are doing.

Local Business Marketing is evolving and uses local USA business directories like … Get local marketing exposure with our GEO targeted directory. See our blog for more ways to grow your local USA business.

My alarm was set to go off at 4am this morning, yet I it was 3:08 am and I was wide awake.


My dog kept getting up, running to the living room and barking at the top of his canine lungs.


Literally, every 20 minutes, my adorable (and frustrating) rottweiler would do this. After the third time of him waking me up, I decided to walk to the living room with him and check out what was going on.

Guess what?

Nada! Not even a windy branch hitting the window. And I stayed there and stared out the window for a long while. Didn’t see anything.

Kai (the dog) probably did this about 5-6 times throughout the night. I’ve seen people get pranked on YouTube with 5-6 alarms clocks, all set to go off at different times.

But this was my dog and he wasn’t even pranking me! Or maybe he was…

Anyway, the reason for this story is that during this whole event last night, listening to Kai get up and bark for a few minutes and then go back to my door and lay down reminded me of something in business.

Some customers will come to your site and hang around for a bit but leave without making a purchase.

Or maybe you have subscribers on your email list who have been subscribed for a while and have yet to become a paying customer.

What gives?

It’s frustrating ain’t it?

You want them to buy because you want the sale but also, you know that your product or service can benefit their life.

Otherwise, why would they be on your site or email list? The only reason is because they are your target customer.

So why aren’t they buying? Could be a million different reasons.

Might be they were on lunch at work and got caught with something else and the forgot to buy.

Or they simply don’t have the money yet and are waiting for that paycheck to come in.

Or they don’t believe you… yet. This is a good thing. That means they want it but they have to schmoozed a little more first.

I forgot where I heard this from but it said that, the average person takes 5-12 follow ups before they become a customer.

That means that you can’t just give up the sale after one or two tries. You have to be persistent and keep going. Keep trying.

“But Albert, isn’t that going to annoy the customer. I don’t want to pressure anybody.”

Then get out the game baby! This ain’t for you.

If you’re reading this, you’re a business, man. Not a businessman. A business, man.

You’re number one job is to sell. And sell good.

Besides, pressure is awesome, it makes diamonds. And the best way, imo, to follow up is through email.


When it comes to strategies for your brand/business, content marketing is extremely effective and extremely necessary. The fact is that you won’t get very far without a content marketing strategy. That applies to all businesses, including business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) businesses, although your approach to content marketing will be different between the two. It is essential that you understand the differences so that you can market effectively

Embracing your target audience

When it comes to a content marketing strategy (any content marketing strategy), you need to identify and embrace your target audience before you can put any strategy in place and before you can create goals and milestones for your business. There is actually a preliminary step that you should take before you do anything else, which is that you need to determine and create the persona for your ideal target audience member.

It is important to understand exactly what a B2B and B2C business are all about and what they need.

B2B: The B2B customer is interested in acquiring a product and/or service that will enhance what that particular business is already offering. It is critical that the choice of product and/or service is an appropriate one. After all, the reputation of that business rests on that particular decision (and similar decisions like that one).

B2C: The B2C customer is looking for products and/or services that will affect that individual positively. The potential consequences of a bad choice are not far-reaching in that case. The only person who will be affected by the choice will be the person who has bought the product and/or service.

What results are you hoping to achieve from your content marketing?

Before you develop any content marketing strategy, you should define exactly what you hope to get from your efforts. You may be hoping to get more leads based on your content marketing. If you have a B2C business, you will need to make sure that everyone is aware of your brand.

You will need to make your best effort to engage those people (or, at least, a large percentage of them). After all, you not only want those people to understand how amazing and valuable your offerings are but you also want them to tell other people about your brand so that they can also become loyal to your brand as well.

Getting into the head of your customer

If you are able to figure out not that the other person wants to buy your products and/or services but also why that person wants to buy your products and/or services, you will be one step ahead. One really effective way to achieve this is with the right keywords and key phrases. If you aren’t sure what those are, you can pinpoint them (or at least get a better sense of them) by looking at what your competitors are writing.

If you have a B2B business, identifying issues that are plaguing your target audience is critical to your success. In fact, not only is identifying the issues important but coming up with a solution to the problems is even more critical to your relationship with the other person. In a B2C situation, you will need to figure out exactly what invokes an emotional reaction in the other person (or business owner).

Identifying your unique selling proposition (USP)

Every business must have a USP. It is what makes other people choose to engage with you and to eventually do business with you and to buy what you are selling. It makes other people understand clearly why they should buy from you instead of other business people. After you have identified your USP, you will want to engage people with it.

If you have a B2B business, you will need to present your solution to the problem to demonstrate to the other person why you are who he or she should buy from. If you have a B2C business, it is important for you to keep in mind that that the other person is not merely interested in valuable, educational information. He or she is also (and probably most) interested in getting something from you that will change his or her life for the better in some way.

Figuring out exactly where you are going to share your content marketing materials

Determining exactly where you are going to post your content marketing materials is as important as the quality of your content. If you have a B2B business, your content will be most effective in the form of blogs on your website, as well as syndicating the content to social media channels such as LinkedIn, SlideShare, and YouTube. If you have a B2C business, the popular social networks will probably work most effectively.


There many different types of businesses, some of them B2B and some of them B2C. B2B and B2C business are unique and face unique challenges. It is important to remember that one distinct difference between the two types of businesses is that one is looking for value (on a broad scale) while the other is looking for a human/emotional connection. In any case, all businesses need to make marketing efforts that bring positive results and that allow those business owners to bring their businesses to the next level.

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19 social media marketing tips for small business. –

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In this video, you will learn about 19 strategies you can use for getting more business from social media. You’ll learn how to get more traffic to your website from social media, get more engagement, increase brand awareness, and much more. I’ll mention tactics like having the same username on all platforms, posting at certain times of the day, and much more. I’ll also include resources and examples to help. Enjoy the video!

100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money
Marketing Your Business or Marketing Yourself with No Budget Means Leveraging Time, Hard Work and Talent.

How to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Budget
Read the Article:


Should you spend money on advertising or marketing your business or your brand? YES. 110% Yes… as soon as it is practical to do so… as soon as you have done your homework, understand the marketplace and know it won’t be a waste…

How do you operate with that level of certainty?
Marketing with no money. Leveraging content marketing, in person networking, access to technology and the largest platforms in the world, which by the way are all free… that is how you make sure when it is time to invest in your marketing and advertising that it delivers on ROI for you.

Marketing with no budget is very real and very practical and there are a ton of companies and individuals who have done it until they scaled to a place when it was practical do so.

Lack of money and lack of budget is no excuse for not being successful. You can leverage time and effort instead.

How to Market Yourself with No Money:
Build a personal brand. Start using the free platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Start live streaming on Periscope… go to where your ideal audience or consumer or clients are and deliver upfront value to them.

That is how you market yourself with no money. You put in the time and the work to market yourself and build a community around people who value what you are giving them in content. Whether that is information, or entertainment or motivation. You go direct to consumer, in the platforms that matter.

How to Market Your Business with No Money:
You demonstrate the power of your product or service and what problem it solves. You show up. If you think your business is not suited to a platform and you’re not willing to take the time find out or to be the one to dominate that platform, because you don’t see your competition there… it is a mistake and you will lose.

Go there and create value. Go there and show people who you are and what your business can do for them, and that will have value. You will either learn that platform or content strategy is ineffective and why, so you will never waste money trying to win there in the future… or you will learn what it works and this where you need to invest when it becomes practical.

That is how you market your business with no money and no budget.







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